RJAJ's founder and our Chief Consultant Rick Jepson started working with computers in 1965 with the IBM System/360 mainframe and also became proficient with programming in Basic and Fortran IV during the 60s. As the decades progressed, experience was gained, as ever changing technology evolved.

It was found through the years that RJAJ was often approached when Small Business Owners had computer needs and or problems. The problems and needs were often very similar and out of this need grew RJAJ Consultants. When the company was started the customer base already spanned North America, all obtained through "word of mouth", advertising had never been needed.

RJAJ continues to serve a limited number of existing clients and starting in 2015 is now developing Store apps, initially for the Windows Store and Publishing Fiction Novels.



Do you want to try using an IBM 362 to do a Google search 1960s style? If so go here and make your punch card and search:


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